840 million days of classroom time lost due to Covid 19

The curriculum delivered to students is ever changing and updating with the times. Despite this, the way in which it is taught has largely remained the same; one classroom, one teacher, and an average of 35 students. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit however, and schools were included in the compulsory closures, many educational institutes found that they were neither prepared nor equipped to make the necessary changes in the way in which education was delivered.

Where the classroom became the home, and the face-to-face communication turned to remote video calls and emails, schools across the nation struggled to provide the same level of learning that they had previously provided in classroom. According to a survey carried out by Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA), ‘47 per cent of teachers said they believe they do not have adequate technology at home to effectively teach remotely’ (Manchester Evening News). With little time or experience to assist them in the transition to distance-learning, and little room to adapt, teachers were faced with the difficult task of trying to ensure students still received as much of their education as possible.

The knock-on effect of this was that students were faced with a much more challenging learning environment, unable to receive the resources and face to face interaction necessary to excel in their lessons. This led to students facing gaps in their education, and ‘lost opportunities’ within their educational experience (Manchester Evening News). With the Department of Education releasing statistics that children have lost more than a shocking 840 million days of classroom time, the home-school learning has in many cases, failed to ensure students receive a full and comprehensive education.

Online tutoring provider, The National Learning Group, have been utilising video call and learning software to provide seamless one-to-one learning and support to students for several years. With tutors who are all teacher accredited and have classroom experience, students can receive a high-quality educational experience in a one tutor to one student basis. Tutoring services like this are helping to bridge the gap of the lost education many students have faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than the overwhelming setting of 15+ students sharing one teacher on a video call, or receiving simplistic worksheets via email to get on with themselves, The National Learning Group allows for a personalised and specific learning environment, led by the student's needs. The benefit of online tutor providers is that they already have the experience in delivering education in a modern, digital way, that has proven results.

Now that we are returning to our ‘new normal’, schools are looking to the future, training educators on how to deliver online and distance-learning effectively. Despite this welcome move to embrace the times, the popularity of online tutoring services like The National Learning Group continues to rise, as they lead the way in providing additional learning resources to help ‘fill the gaps’ left by the pandemic.

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