Tutoring with an edge; the importance of hiring a tutor with teaching qualifications.

When looking for a tutor, it’s quite appealing to consider someone who is studying themselves. Students themselves have had to go through a rigorous education and therefore must be able to tutor others. However, their education has been entirely one way, and they lack the ability to transform this into accessible learning for others.

Teachers with nationally recognised teacher qualifications have not only proven their mastery, but have been through meticulous training on how to deliver learning to others. They are taught how to engage with students of all levels by utilising nationally recognised methods, allowing students to achieve their full potential.

Teachers, unlike tutors, have a wealth of classroom experience, and are trained to deliver the curriculum in a hands-on way. This means that teachers are adaptable, and can identify what works well for individual students. This, when transferred into the specific one-to-one setting of tutoring sessions, such as those offered by The National Learning Group, allows for the student to have their education complimented in a tailored and specific manner, to best ensure their success.

At the National Learning Group, every single one of our tutors are teacher qualified. They have mastery of their subject, and the ability to make it accessible. By tutoring with us, you receive the wealth of teaching excellence to allow for the results you desire.

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