How could they change Maths!? How tutoring can help with homework.

Homework is a necessary and useful tool in education; it allows for the student to consolidate their understanding by continuing their classroom-based learning at home. It also helps them to highlight areas that they may struggle with, so that they can go back to class and focus on those areas. It also allows for teachers to assess the students’ level of understanding, and ensure there are no gaps in their knowledge or application. Despite this, the volume and complexity are ever increasing, and it can be difficult for parent’s to effectively assist their child when they themselves are unsure of the content.

Many parents find themselves struggling to help their child with their homework – the way in which subjects are taught can change over time, and the ways in which parents may have been taught when they were in school, have been adapted and changed for their children. If children struggle with their homework, and can’t get help from their parents, the whole experience can become quite stressful and negative, and lead to them not completing the homework, and becoming anxious of receiving it in the future. This in turn can lead to a decline in grades and performance.

By utilising a tutor to assist with homework, means that a student receives help from an academic viewpoint. Set tutor sessions provide a student with a block of time to continue learning, and allows them to plan their free time around it, so they don’t have to feel like homework eats away at their home life. Our tutors are all teacher qualified, so they are up to date on the curriculum and how it is taught, and how to tailor additional help to meet the students' specific needs

Sessions of 20 minutes are perfect add-on

to a school day. This is long enough for the pupil to sit with the tutor and go through the homework – still independently, but with a source of knowledge at hand to talk them through the difficulties. After the session, the homework is likely to be done, and their evening is free with their learning fulfilled. If not, they will have had further instruction and assistance that will allow them to complete the homework to a high standard.

For after school help from a qualified teacher, get in touch with The National Learning group and let us help you help your children.

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