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We love receiving feedback from our students and families, and thought you might like to read what they have to say about us! 



Marc is more aware of T’s capabilities than the teacher has had for the last 2 years.  Marc checks T’s homework performance and adjusts the work level accordingly. Marc is brilliant !! T loves his sessions with Marc and really looks forward to seeing and talking to him. Marc is extremely engaging which means he keeps T’s attention throughout the sessions. Marc routinely runs over (with our agreement) in order to finish a piece of work, he does not rush the session to complete on time.

Mrs S. D.

He is very happy with the work he's given he enjoys his lessons always ready for his lessons.


I'm seeing such a difference already in H as maths & English was difficult for him.



Ms S. S.

Thank you so much for the progression report. I’m not sure how you manage to capture his attention, but K certainly seems to enjoy your maths sessions.​


We are extremely happy with the Progress and this is mostly down to your excellent teaching methods.

Mrs K. P.

Hi,​ I can’t praise Fiona enough!!! M is so at ease with her and M has come along very well and gained more confidence,


Many thanks

Mrs N. S.

Hi,I'm pleased with D's progress report. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind efforts.​


As for his activities, I will encourage him to put more efforts.​


Thank you again.

Mrs O. A.

Marc, thank you for the update, this is great news and we are very happy with the progress he is making due to the rapport you have with him. Thank you so much.​

Miss S. D.

It has been brilliant and we just wish we had done it earlier. T has struggled being off school and is usually so vibrant and energetic. The lockdown and lack of school and social interaction has severely affected him and knowing that we don’t have to worry about his education and restarting school in September is a huge weight off our minds. Thank you so much for all you do for T.

Mrs S.D

I am so happy with the work that has been set for my son, i do feel that it is at his level. My son enjoys doing the homework set and i feel that his homework is enough. Both tutors English and Maths are lovely, they explain clearly and help my son should he have any difficultys, i am very happy for both of them to continue to tutor my son . I am glad that i found The National Learning Group and i have recommended your group to many other parents.

Ms C. C

Jane has been absolutely amazing and has managed to raise him up 2 educational years within a limited period of time. Jane’s manner and patience in which she teaches Is second to none: L was a very shy, introverted child, but within his time with Jane he has bonded with her easily and that is all credit to the way in which she teaches. Thank you personally for everything you have done for L

Mrs S. S.

Been tutoring both of my kids with NLG for just over year, and both seen some great progress in that time. Their school teachers have noticed a difference in their abilities and confidence, and the video lessons work really well. Don't know where we would be without it.

Mrs O. A.

A brilliant service. The tutors are excellent my son always looks forward to his lessons and has progressed well with their guidance.

Mr M. M. 

Hi Lynn! I hope you're enjoying your evening.​


Today I have been enjoying writing my story for this week's homework. I hope you don't mind me sending it a few days early - I was eager to start writing! Anyway, please find it attached and I hope you enjoy reading it - looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.​I hope you are enjoying the rest of your day, and I hope you have a great weekend. "See" you on Wednesday.

Miss A. I.

Very good, my daughter is really coming on with both Maths and English since we started this.

Mr O. L.

​Our son was finding he was struggling with his maths and also his english. We are now 2 months in and we are seeing the results, not only is he achieving more but his new found confidence is also enabling him to push harder.


We are so pleased and would not hesitate to recommend.

Mr C. T.

Our two daughters have recently started tutoring Maths and English from the National Learning Group.


They seem to be enjoying it so far, and get on well with the teacher. I'd much rather them be doing this on the iPad than watching You Tube all the time.

Miss T. P.

Hello Leslie,Thank you so much for the report.The issue we are having with J is his stubborness to work with us. He does amazing with you and he pays attention, when it comes to us doing his work with him ... it's all hell.


​Thank you for all your support.

Mrs O. R.

​It's been 5 months working with the tutors and we couldnt be happier. my little one is enjoying his sessions and getting so much better at both maths and english.


I dont have enough words of praise for the work you guys do.

Mrs O. C. W.

Thank you so much for the progression report. I’m not sure how you manage to capture his attention, but K certainly seems to enjoy your maths sessions.​


We are extremely happy with the Progress and this is mostly down to your excellent teaching methods.

Mrs K. P.

Really good program. Very pleased.

Miss B. J.

Our boy has had all of the assistance he needs from NLG. It is working very well so far - I'd definitely recommend!

Mr B. P.

Hi Lynn,​I'm happy for the way you make it look easy for D. I must say that he connects well with your teaching style.


​I'll make sure he does his homework as soon as possible.​


Thank you once again.

Mrs N. S.